About the Author

TIFFANY WILLIFORD, created this book out of a need for her daughter. While her husband Demetrius was going through chemotherapy she was desperately looking for the right book or words to explain cancer to her daughter Aaliyah. Out of necessity, this book was born.  Tiffany is a mother to two amazing and entertaining little girls, living in Chandler, Arizona. It is pretty rare but she is somewhat of a native of Arizona (raised not born). An Arizona State University alumni with a Bachelors in Marketing. Writer by day and reader by night, she enjoys nothing more than to curl up with tea and a good book. Tiffany is passionate about helping others which is the motivation behind publishing this book. She is the founder of the Demetrius Tirrell Williford Scholarship which provides funds to high school seniors graduating with a focus in STEM. You can connect with Tiffany on Instagram @tiffanywilliford_ or Facebook at www.facebook.com/tiffanyhwilliford or @hasanowie.

To Learn more about the DTW Scholarship visit Facebook: Demetrius Tirrell Williford Memorial Scholarship